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the kube studios / gallery

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What Is “the kube studios“?

colleenatworkA platform- both physical (studio gallery) and virtual (online) that provides a creative environment and supportive management for emerging artists as arts entrepreneurs. the kube studios has different levels of participation for artists, depending on their needs. Our intention is to build a community for artists, from marketing to teaching to showcasing and space sharing. All marketing for the kube studios, the artists, and events will be done through our website and social media  collaboration with other galleries and agencies. Watch for updates on our seasonal events.




christaatworkThe concept for the kube studios was developed one early morning during Christa and Colleen’s daily beachcombing, tea drinking, dog wrangling walks along Bonniebrook Beach on the Sunshine Coast of BC. 

Both have backgrounds in the arts: Christa as a visual artist who has realised great success using social media and networking to market her pieces, and Colleen as an arts administrator working for a municipality as their cultural services coordinator and Creative City Network representative, and now creating her own art.

The Sunshine Coast has many talented artists (one of the highest per-capita counts in the country!) who successfully market their work.  But how does an emerging artist or one that is established but too busy to market themselves begin?

Christa and Colleen created the kube studios as a type of arts incubator.  Artists are given the opportunity to display their art virtually through social media and physically in the gallery during events, while focusing on creating their art.

the kube studios‘ goal is to create a creative environment and supportive management for emerging artists as art entrepreneurs while doing what they love.


Christa  Joe / Christa Joe ART

Christa Joe / Christa Joe ART