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Living on the Sunshine Coast- in beautiful British Columbia, Canada- is inspiring all on its own. Having grown up on the prairies, and now seeing the mountains, the ocean and the forest every day is something I will never take for granted.

I’ve been blessed with three energetic, athletic and witty boys who motivate me to be better every single day. I’m married to a wonderful, fearless, compassionate man. He’s my coach, my rock, and my best friend.

My immediate family have all followed me west, something I am ever thankful for. My parents serve as secondary parents to my children, and the bond between them is very special to me. Watching my nephews grow into the fine young men they are has brought me so much happiness.

I am lucky to be surrounded by beauty in every aspect of life. Our home has been carved out to be our refuge, we step outside into our beautiful community and are surrounded and supported by friends and neighbours alike. Our friends are like family, and I value the importance of that.

And now, ART. I have a serious admiration for so many artists, I cannot even begin to name them. I can get lost in a piece of art, never tiring of it, in fact growing fonder of it every day. Our home is filled with colour, each piece reminding us of a special time or place. On days when I let myself get lost in my studio, my cheeks ache from smiling. It is my happy place, my safety, my sanctuary. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.

Colleen Gould

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Colleen Gould - salty air designs

Colleen Gould (Salty Air Designs) was born on the West Coast and beachcombing has always been one of her most favourite ways to spend her time.  Moving to a cottage on the ocean last year was a dream come true, and now she’s on the beach every day, rain or shine, with her dog at her side.  Most often Christa joins her with her two dogs and other days she’s joined by her husband Randy, or one of her sons, Willem or Oliver.  The boys get to carry the heavy stuff! 

Inspired by the ocean and its treasures that it shares, she began creating beachy art with genuine Sunshine Coast, BC sea glass and pebbles showcasing the clean and simple designs she favours.  Colleen is now branching out into mixed media, experimenting with paint, photos, wood and other mediums,  as well as creating a line of beachy jewellery made from silver and her much loved beach glass.  As she evolves as an artist her work may change but will always be salty. 


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Donna Stewart is a self taught artist. Rules are not her idea of capturing the creative spirit. Experimentation is her favourite form of expression. Each painting begins with no particular plan; she works from instinct, using texture, colour techniques and processes with many other environmental muses. She lets painting evolve until it achieves it’s final destiny…

Donna uses a multi-media approach working predominantly with cement and acid stains often combining elements found in her natural environment. Mixed media abstract would best describe the category where you would find her paintings.

She chose the laid-back lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast not only for its wonderful dynamics but for its inspiration both environmental and artistic. She continues to develop her own style with help and encouragement of other artists.

Donna is a bit of a socialite who enjoys the outdoors and staying active. Her favourite days include creating art with friends in a nearby studio, enjoying the creative atmosphere, music and the imagery she creates. Everyday she continues to pursue her painting opportunities in the art world. 

Her work can be found on her website and on Facebook & Instagram (search for all donnas art)


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Charly Mithrush


“Presently I am in art exploration, creating with different media found objects and ephemera, and finding my voice through visual expression.”

Charly Mithrush was born in New Westminster, BC and lived in Coquitlam until moving to the Sunshine Coast in 1992.  She is a contemporary artist working predominantly in acrylic, mixed media and encaustics.  Her passion for art started at an early age, influenced by her father Rick Yzerman, also an artist.  She has attended Emily Carr, college level programs, and private workshops.  Presently Charly works from her home studio in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast.  Her artwork has been featured in over 20 group and solo shows, as well as Artists of British Columbia Volume 3.

Instagram   @charlymithrushart



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Keith Donald, M. Arch., AIBC. A drawing instrument has been firmly placed in Keith Donald’s right hand since childhood when he was engrossed in an imaginary world of cartoons. As a young man Keith studied architecture with one of the world’s foremost architects, Louis I. Kahn, where he began to develop his expression of the human spirit in architecture.

After working in Kahn’s Philadelphia office Keith returned to his home town of Vancouver where he ran his own practice for thirty years, designing many local public buildings and churches.

Keith has recently relocated to the Sunshine Coast where he continues his architectural work, writing and art. He spends as much time as possible in Italy where he is constantly inspired by its historical architecture.


My Gallery

I was exposed to the world of visual art at young age, in my birthplace, Melbourne, Australia. My mother painted in oils and sculpted, and she often encouraged me to paint along with her. After high school, I went to Ontario College of Art in Canada, where my focus was fine art. I had intended to carry on in my education to become a medical illustrator (as I also had an interest in health care), however I got sidetracked and moved to the Bahamas. There, I married and had two little girls. During my six years on the island, I painted in watercolor and sold my work through local tourist galleries. I eventually moved back to Canada and became absorbed with the demands of everyday life. In the last decade, I have been fortunate to have the time to delve more deeply into my art and yoga career. I believe that my diverse life experiences (relationships, travel, career changes and personal interests) have positively impacted my paintings. My style is considered “whimsical” ….a reflection of my daily activities, thoughts and dreams.

While I still love the challenge of portrait work and the serenity of landscapes and still life…..the female image has become my trademark. My “feminine spirits” have evolved from fairies, yogis and mermaids to women with attitude (the girlfriend’s series)..all symbolizing the inner strength and grace of the female. My paintings often evoke a smile or a chuckle, as the viewer can often see elements of themselves in each.

The work that I currently create and exhibit is a continuation on the theme of the Feminine Spirit, with a new influence of my living on the Sunshine Coast.

To see more of my work, visit my website at


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Rachael pic

Laughing Sparrow believes in showcasing the beauty of simplicity. Designer Rachael Hatala hand makes every piece of jewellery out of sustainably sourced sterling silver and gold in her studio located in historic New Westminster, British Columbia

Rachael is a wife, the mom of a spunky toddler, and a maker. Her entire life she has been creating with all manner of materials, whether it is an image captured through the lens of a camera or a quilt sewn piece by piece. Her journey in jewellery began as a young child when she would spend hours and hours developing her skills with beads and wire.

In 2007, Rachael took her first silversmithing class and was instantly hooked. The skills she learned over the subsequent years have allowed her to realize her creative ideas in new and exciting ways.


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Ginny photo

Hello. I am Ginny Vail – artist, designer and photographer.

I grew up on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. My life has always been about art, in its many forms. Following high school, I moved to Los Angeles to attend the Art Centre College of Design. This led to a 15 year career as an art director and graphic designer in the advertising industry. I worked for several international agencies both in Toronto and Vancouver and received awards for my design work.

I returned home to the Sunshine Coast in the early 1990’s and eventually started my own business – the eclectic Swallow’s Nest Inspired Living store and Gallery G. A treasure trove of unique vintage furnishings, art and giftware, we became well known for our creativity and exceptional displays. We were featured in national magazines including Canadian House and Home as well as Style at Home and enjoyed a customer base from all over the world.

In the fall of 2014, I retired from retail to pursue my interest in fine art. As a self-taught artist, my work and techniques have evolved naturally over time. I love working in mixed media and collage and lately have been developing my skills as an abstract painter. I work intuitively and find I get a tremendous amount of enjoyment out of “losing myself” in the process. A hunter and gatherer by nature, I use my travels and collections as inspiration for my art.

I live by the ocean in Gibsons BC, where I have my studio.



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Linda pic

Linda L. Nardelli is a newcomer to the Sunshine Coast, having moved to Gibsons four years ago. She marvels at the influence that the west coast landscape has on her abstract art. Originally from Montreal and a resident of Vancouver for many years, it’s a pleasure for her to now be amongst the giant trees, inspired by breathtaking mountains and the sea.

Her career as an artist has spanned the last 24 years since receiving a diploma of Fine Arts at the Okanagan College/University, and training in the art of Trompe L’oeil Murals, Realism and Faux Finishing.

Linda has a deep love for natural elements, with an eye for the interconnection between shapes, colour and light. And she is moved by contrasting elements, seeking through her art to connect both stillness and movement, and the interplay between tension and subtleties. Her love of textures such as with aged wood, lichen and rocks, finds its way in her work with layers of stone-plaster and acrylic washes, which are then brought to life with rich oil glazes and etched engraving— symbols representing the dialogue between external stimulus and internal reflections.



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Elaine pic


I consider myself a student of and explorer in making art.  I love the challenge of abstract work but often go back to representational studies, especially cityscapes, architecture and boats.  I am a member of EDGES, a fun, supportive group of talented abstract artists which helps me grow artistically and personally.

There is such a plethora of talented folks on the Sunshine Coast who willingly share what they know and I feel blessed to have learned from many of them, including: Jan Poynter, Greta Guzek, Georgina Brandon and Todd Clark.  Vancouver instructors Jeanne Krabbendam and Mohamad Atashzad enlightened me in mixed media and perspective drawing. 

Last year I was the proud recipient of the Anne and Philip Klein Award for Visual Arts presented by the Sunshine Coast Art Council.

Mixing media is my current passion.  I often rip up or cut up watercolour paintings, successful and not, and use them as collage to inspire.  Some other items I have tried include: palette peelings, burlap, cheesecloth, tissue, text from old books, tape, clothing patterns, plastic and metal mesh, chalk, crayon, inks and a variety of acrylic mediums.  Inspired by Ian McLeod and Jeanne Krabbendam and my imagination.

My latest project was a collaboration with textile artist Sherri Coulthard for the Coats of Paint.  Fashion design? Oh Yes!


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Christy Sverre Artist

Christy Sverre was born in Vancouver. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria where she remembers the first moment she abstracted from reality. A passion was sparked and over the ensuring years she explored a variety of means to express herself. This included jewellery, pottery, paper mache, folk art and finally painting.

Her husband’s career took them to many places including South East Asia where they raised their two children, embraced the changes in her life and explored the art of the region. Becoming a docent at the Singapore Museum of Art guiding tours of South East Asian art encouraged her to return to her passion of painting. She studied under a number of respected artists in Singapore and Canada to ignite and refine her style.

Returning to Canada after years of living away renewed and confirmed her attachment and identity to the west coast.  She paints expressive semi-abstracts that display the vitality in the sky and the playfulness on the sea. Expressive brush strokes and a bold use of colour define her style. There is an energetic and uplifting feeling about her work.

Christy lives and works in Gibsons, B.C. on the Sunshine Coast.


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The Artist

Raised in San Francisco and Paris by a family immersed in art, I found my place on the Sunshine Coast with my best friend and husband.

The Art

My art has been one of my life teachers.

Colour inspires me on so many levels and so my art is generally both colorful and joyful with many detailed surprises. I am inspired that people spend time looking at my painting to discover those very surprises and nuances placed within the context of a larger congruity. It’s how I do the work – I feel the delight then sit back to enjoy the journey.

Mainly self-taught, I have discovered my process is one wherein to feel the joy that results from soulful expression is an exercise involving a balance between containment and letting go. There is rarely a plan when I begin; I allow the canvas and the paints to guide me, Slowly, sometimes after many layers, something shows itself and calls to me telling me where it wants to go. I know I am finished a piece when I truly love it and feel a sense of caring for it.

My Gallery
FullSizeRender 14 1

In looking back, I suppose I’ve been an artist all of my life.  It was just hidden within me until recently.  I’ve lived in Gibsons all my life except for 12 year spent on the prairies, in fact my Great-Great Grandparents were George and Charlotte Gibson, the founders of Gibson’s Landing, now known simply as Gibsons.

In 2007 the artist within me began the process of breaking out.  I found quilting.  In that art form I discovered the joy of working with colour, texture and design and I enjoyed a satisfaction that I now know was that artist inside of me speaking out.

It was the fall of 2011 when the artist fully burst out from inside.  I went to the studio of a local artist, Donna Swain, during the annual Art Crawl event here on the Sunshine Coast.  Donna was showing her work and doing a demonstration of her painting techniques.  I was fixated with what I saw.  Her use of the acrylic medium, the vibrant colour and her ease of communicating in the abstract form spoke to me.  I had to do this.  She offered a course and I took it.

Now, my paintings call me from sleep.  Often I find myself painting in my pajamas lost in the expressions of paint, colour and emotion.  My paintings are important to me.  Here on the Sunshine Coast I’m surrounded by natural beauty, artists of many and varied disciplines and an ever changing vista of sky, mountains, trees and water.  I am inspired and motivated by all of them.  How can one not let the artist from within speak out?

I hope that which inspires me also touches you in some way. My paintings are an expression of the artist within.  Relatively new at all of this, I’m always both surprised and moved when someone finds joy in what I create.  I hope, in viewing my work, you discover something about the beauty of our Sunshine Coast.  If so, the artist within me has spoken, and someone has heard.


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Vern photo

As a photographic artist I become an extension of what I photograph, and therefore my images breath the life of my subjects. All subject matter contains a story. With presence and inner focus I draw out these stories, capturing subtle nuances, emotions, character and mood. I look for the innate beauty and style in people, architecture and nature, combining visual aesthetics with essence.

I combine playful energy and technical skill to compose creatively charged images, developing a documentary style of photography that has a foundation in fine art.

Over the past twenty seven years I pursued my photographic career by exploring and working in many aspects of the industry. As a custom lab technician an eye for technical detail was developed. As a portrait and fashion photographer I learned to recognize the photographic requirements of my clients. An education as a graphic designer has given me insight into print media.

My intent as an artist is to draw the viewer into an interactive and conscious experience of the world, to become more present to the beauty in life that can often be missed.


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Marilyn pic

Marilyn has always been drawn to artistic pursuits but it has only been in the last few years since retirement that she has really dedicated herself to her art.  Once an extreme realist she is now exploring the joy and beauty of abstract.  For Marilyn it is all about coloUr, energy and emotion.

She took every art class available in high school and completed one year of fine arts at the university of Victoria.  Lessons with D. Vanden Hoogen really moved her along but life, work, and family found her abilities tending more toward the world of crafts.  She still loves to work with her hands but painting is one of her main joys to-day.


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JillPilon bio

I was born and raised throughout the US. In my twenties I traveled, creating the fertile ground for which my artist seed was planted.

I started painting to tell stories, whether it be my story or those emerging from all that I see. There are intimate memories in everything. My work evolves daily- a constant, non-static meditation on objects, events and small things. Painting is my voice.

Jill now lives in Gibsons BC on the beautiful Sunshine coast with her three wildly inspiring children, 10 escaping chickens and one crazy dog.


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LaurenHemmes bio

I grew up in South Africa and following my heart about six years ago, moved to Vancouver and shortly after, the Sunshine Coast. I’m particularly inspired by beautiful landscapes, either locally or from my African roots.

I’m interested in the ways in which the world of form overlaps with the more etheric and invisible worlds, and how these are revealed by the use of various colours or textures. I love how this becomes an expression of something deeper, and invites the viewer deeper into their own invisible worlds, perhaps opening up an inquiry. I also feel particularly inspired by the idea of a blank canvas and the power we hold as artists to influence and create new worlds, not just on the canvas, but in our own lives.

Since my youth I played mostly with oils and have recently switched to acrylics. I see the medium as something fluid and evolving, open to change just as much as anything else.

I’m excited to see how this journey of art and expression unfolds, and feel grateful for being surrounded by such an inspiring community of artists living here on the Sunshine Coast.


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JaneHam profile2

My introduction to abstract painting came through a very tragic time in my life. Painting gave me periods of time to escape from the grief and feel some happiness. Many years have passed since I began painting and it has become my passion. I have been taking lessons from Davide Merino for several years.

I like to work with acrylic with different textures. I often do not have a set plan of what I will paint until I sit in front of a canvas. Painting has made me so much more aware of things around me and I see colours in a different way. My art has been shown at Simply Fresh Cafe, Turks Coffee and Omega Framing & Gallery, and had a show at Chapel Arts last fall.

I’ve become quite prolific and I’d like to share my work with you.


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JustineAndrew Portfolio

Vancouver native, Justine Andrew, has been creating since she can remember. Justine’s paintings teeter between design and abstraction with her main goal being to create something that engages the mind’s eye. Focused on the details of understated texture and playful color pallets, she considers hers an “unconventional form of self-expression” as she continuously strives for imperfect perfection.

Over the years her style has evolved to what she now refers to as “a cross between organic creation and synthetic production”. Her current work is largely influenced by images created within the occurrence of life including the human form, architecture and nature. Justine has developed her own personal artistic point of view with the use of subtleties, vibrancies, and playing with light and shadow. With her particular choice of mediums being latex acrylic on wood, Justine’s images are made to be aesthetically appealing with her main goal being to evoke positive feelings.

She believes that composition plays an integral part of creating an engaging images stating; “The spaces I leave empty are just as important and thought out as those I fill in”. As much as her paintings could be considered modern and playful, they also possess the timeless feeling of a captured moment.


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SharonHabib Profile

Born in South Africa, Sharon is a self-taught abstract artist working in acrylic. A late bloomer, she started painting in her 30’s and has been painting for over 20 years.

Nature is her muse. She’s intrigued by the processes of formation and erosion in the earth’s crust — the intersection different natural elements like water, lava and minerals, with weathering, decomposition, and massive disruptive events like eruptions, tectonic shifts that result in layering, intrusions and extrusions and a rich cross-section of shapes and textures. Her works explore the notion of crossing and intersection. Her goal is to balance simplicity with complexity.

While guided by the story of crossings and intersections, she never pre-plans a painting. Sometimes she starts with just a shadow of an idea or making a mark on the canvas and trusting the next steps will reveal themselves. While this approach is one that consistently challenges and daunts her, “being lost” and “failing” are the precursors for her most successful works (she’s encouraged that Pixar encourages failure for the same reason!).

Sharon has exhibited solo and in several group shows in Vancouver. Her works hang in homes and offices in South Africa, UK, USA, Australia and Canada. She lives with her husband in West Vancouver.